When we find someone in our loneliness we often attract emptiness.

Don’t go hunting for people in your loneliness.
Find people for the right reasons.
You need to get your head and heart in the right place first. Sometimes you just need to take time and nurture your soul.

Loneliness is a disease that has to be tackled and worst part of loneliness is that our minds constantly want someone around us. And then we start feeling good around that person and we feel that we can spend the rest of our life with that person and make wrong decisions about relationship.

We want to stay with that person all day so that we don’t feel lonely.
And in this process we destroy the other person as well.
A lot of people are lonely even though they’re in a relationship.
People can’t be answers.
To be precise, they’re just more questions. Choose Yourself.
Choose to Heal.
There is peace in Solitude.
Fill the emptiness with love for yourself, compassion, gratitude and understanding Life.

LOVE someone when you are Ready and not when you are Lonely.

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