You will heal when you are ready to, not when they say you should.
Healing isn’t like an ON and OFF process. It’s a process and it has its own timeline.
That’s what you do when you are healing.

Sometimes the healing hurts more than wound. Everybody heals differently.
Your journey is your’s alone.
Nobody else’s.

It is very important to realize that there is no specific time frame for your healing.
So no matter how long it takes, you to move on with your life, do it at your pace.

Never compare your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 20.
Take your time to heal.
Take your time to grow.
Recovering from some people or events is not easy.

Everyone has a past and adopts different way of healing from the past.
Some take lesser time and some take more.
None of us are born the same.
Understand your pace,
Recognize your space.
Pain cannot be compared.
Some trauma can take a lifetime to deal with, while some issues are easily solved.

Above all, every person is different and are involved in different complex circumstances.

Don’t judge yourself because nobody else is suffering like you.
You are not weak or coward.
Healing is messy. There is no timeline or deadline for healing.
Healing is a process that grows and evolves.
Things don’t just disappear but they can dissolve with time.
Allow yourself the space, time and energy to do so.

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