One of the most remarkable things about humanity is that fear which can make him extremely weak and the same person if takes resolve to fight straight, his performance change dramatically.

There was a huge Demon who had suddenly arrived near a civilized city.

Nobody knew as the people didn’t keep a check on the gates.

The Demon often would come to terrorize the inhabitants.

He  frequently comes near the gate of the city castle and shouts “Send your bravest men and I will kill him”.

He always carried blood sucked big AXE in his right hand .

Seeing that people were frightened and Demon  tormented the citizens again and again.

Sometimes,  the gate of the castle would open slowly and fearfully one or two well-meaning men would force themselves to fight the Demon(just to show off) because they thought it was their moral duty that they should fight but they told everyone (including their own self) that even before they could see the Demon they knew that it is a certain death because the Demon was so big and brutal and it will definitely be chopped them off into tiny pieces.

One day the Prince returned to the city after a long time. Seeing people frightened, he asked, “What is the matter?” A large number of people started weeping (something that can be done so well under crippling fear) and told Prince about the Demon. The Prince said ” Don’t worry tomorrow I will fight the Demon.

When the Demon arrived the next day and saw Prince waiting at the gate which was opened. A lot of people were standing there to support the Prince. This was puzzling to the Demon. For a moment, the Prince and the Demon faced each other.

The Prince was instantly struck by the incredible size, but mustering his courage he walked towards the Demon, brandishing his strong success off and never taking off that dreadful face of the Demon.

Suddenly, the Prince realized that as he was walking towards the Demon, rather than appearing larger, he actually began to shrink in front of his eyes. He kept on staring at the Demon, it was only 4 feet now from the earlier size of 20 feet. He walked further towards the Demon and stared face to face him by now, the Demon has shrunken to 2 feet.

The Prince put his sword into the Demon’s heart and tore it apart The Prince had one question to ask from the dying Demon “Who are you”? “What’s your name “?With his dying breath, the Demon replied

” My name is “FEAR” and I succeed until when I am not attacked and killed straight.

   :  Ethics :    

  • Fear Doesn’t Stop Death It Stop Life
  • Thinking  Will Not Overcome Fear but Action Will.
  • Never Give Up Without Fight. 

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